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Welcome to Chopard discussion board, an independent Chopard community site and forum.

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If anyone in the high horology watch industry can afford to be complacent, the Scheufele family can proudly rest on their laurels.

In the age of 3 large conglomerates dominating, and, some say, almost choking the industry, the Scheufele-run Chopard is an established Jeweler, and one of the few remaining independent family-run watch companies. With a uniquely identifiable "Happy Diamond" range and the characteristically Chopard "Ice Cubes", the company can continue to milk the same cash cow in the luxury lifestyle market.

But if serious watch hobbyists find Chopard boring, consider this: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (KFS), Co-President & Owner of Chopard had a dream to build a first class inhouse movement. Realizing the difficult task ahead, Chopard originally negotiated to buy 'Frederick Piguet', but the movement factory was snatched away by the Swatch Group two weeks after the first phone call!

KFS then decided to build their own factory in Fleurier, and gave us not one, but a series of 5 very high quality base calibres like the L.U.C 1.96, the L.U.C 1.98, the L.U.C 3.97, the L.U.C 1.02 and the L.U.C 10CF .

These are exciting times for serious watch hobbyists!

Please note that this discussion forum is completely non-commercial. Please post any wanted to buy / sell / trade requests ONLY on our Trading Zone bulletin board, following the posting guidelines there.

I look forward to your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Best regards,

VL Kong aka Kong

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